‘Off the beaten trek’

Bitless Bridle

Here at Sea View Equestrian we use bitless bridles, we believe that this is a kinder way of riding and that the same can be achieved without a bit.  Our horses are more comfortable and relaxed without the worry of a lump of metal in their mouths.

Katy is one of Irelands only Bitless Bridle Instructors, so you can rest assure that each and every horse in our care has been tried and tested without a bit.  We use Dr Cooks Bitless Bridle, and we haven’t come across a horse or pony who doesn’t like it.  One of the main questions from people who ride with us, who haven’t experienced a bitless bridle is ‘how do I stop or control the horse?’

And we say, easy, you ride the same as you would with a bit.

If you would like to try your own horse bitless then please don’t hesitate to contact Katy who will be more than happy to help you.

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